What are the Digital Transformation Enablers?

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Digital transformation for companies is not a “nice to have”. Disruptive technologies, together with big data analytics, have the potential to improve substantially the customer and employee experience, while driving operational efficiencies. To derive maximum benefit, companies need to identify and deploy the right technology solutions.

However, it’d be a mistake to stop at technology. Digital transformation requires a commitment from all levels of the organisation. Its impact will be felt way beyond the organisation itself. Partners, investors, and other stakeholders will experience its benefits.

The best approach to digital transformation depends on the digital maturity of the organisation and where it wants to be. Deloitte reports that only 44% of companies feel prepared for digital transformation. Unlocking human potential and creating a culture of change is a crucial first step.

The key enablers that power a company’s digital transformation are technology, talent, and operating models. It’s too easy for companies to focus on one area, and forget to think about how they relate to each other.

In this series of blog posts, we’ll examine the key enablers of digital transformation for companies. We’ll also examine how they work together to deliver a successful digital transformation programme.